Bloom's CRM

Academic CRM (ACRM)

Bloom's Academic CRM is an IS to empower education consultants throughout their operation process .


Bloom system developed this customized ACRM for newline co in Malaysia .
The Newlinec group operates within the premises of the Malaysian Office for Educational Development (MOED) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our main activity focuses on student placement in universities in Malaysia and the Asia-Pacific region (including Australia and New Zealand) as well as in selected universities in continental Europe, the United Kingdom and North America (USA & Canada). As a value-added service, we prepare students for the TOEFL or the IELTS English language test that is a prerequisite for admission into a vast majority of universities around the world.

Moving forward Newlinec group is going to automate the whole process of a standard educational consultancy and going to provide a completely new experience to the students along with the staff working under the organization.

Here is the detailed features list with all the user types,

User Types

  1. Administrator
  2. Staff
  3. Students

Administrator: This user type is going to have the complete control on other user and will be able to direct the other module users as well. Main features that an admin will handle will be,

  1. Add new staff
  2. Add new task
  3. Assign task to staff
  4. Add student
  5. Check student history
  6. Profile settings etc

Staff: This user type will have least privileges compare to the admin but it will be capable of operating students in the system. Below is his main features highlight,

  1. Add new students
  2. Act on assigned tasks
  3. Update students records
  4. Update students status
  5. Notify students
  6. Student Management etc

Student: This would be the least privilege user type into the system but very important user type as well. His features are highlighted below,

  1. View profile
  2. Edit profile
  3. Check status
  4. Get Notifications
  5. Report to staff etc

Future Development

Although the system scope currently is restricted to three users but in future there are number of modules is going to be added as well,

  1. E-Offer Letter Generation Module
  2. Hostel Management Module
  3. Itinerary Management Module
  4. Online Payment integration
  5. CRM Integration
  6. Assignment and FYP management module
  7. Student Tracking Module
  8. Staff Attendance Module
  9. Biometric identification module
  10. Universities Knowledgebase Module etc