Bloom's ACS

ctive Classroom System (ACS)

Active classroom system (ACS) is a communication multimedia system which have four modules.


Active Classroom System

Company Summary

Bloom Systems sdn bhd is an IT and Multimedia company, founded in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia 2012. The company has been MSC Malaysia Approved since March 2013. It is focused on Education IT solutions to help students and teachers alike to use technology, and in particular internet distribution, to improve education in nationwide networks.

Bloom Systems has partners in Australia, Kuwait, UAE and Egypt.

ACS Executive Summary

Effective education era

Active classroom system (ACS) is a communication multimedia system which:

  • Turn traditional educational into distance learning one without missing traditional education advantages (physical classes.)
  • According to fact which students only get averagely 30% of what would present in class, active classroom system provide recording ability to enhance student learning level.
  • Aids the absent student to follow and interact with his classroom online at the time.\


The IP is purely owned and copyrighted to Khaled Abdelaziz Mohamed Abdelrasool, the founder and CEO of BLOOM SYSTEMS Sdn Bhd

The systems currently listed as MSC Malaysia products can be found at:

The System
The system consists of a web server located in school, plus computers (workstation) located in each classroom within the educational institute. The server connected to each classroom computers through LAN, also connected to the students outside the school through the internet. The job of the workstation inside each classroom is to capture teachings and send the video files to the server. The server job is to broadcast the videos to the absent students through the internet. In seminar and workshop cases the procedure would be the same. Technical requirement will handle by company case by case due to the environment.


Far distance students in associated to attendees will follow their class at the time, also if they want to interact, can send their questions in a form of text messages or voice messages through the internet to the server, which send it back to the concern classroom workstation, to let the teacher read it or hear it and response to the student thought the video channel which is open all the class time. The server also record and archive the class video files and grants it to any student has the desire to keep the captured classes for future revision.


 The system has composed of 4 modules as below:

  • Server side
  • Teacher side
  • Student side android app.
  • Student side IOs app.

Students who use computers don't need any special  software .


Competitive Edge

There is several companies on the market selling educational products for this target segment. But none of them goes where Bloom Systems gone. (ACS) insure that the student never miss their classes regarding to probable reason like distance, time shortage, work schedule confliction. The system also is cutting the edge technology in interaction ability compared to the similar ones.. Also our system capture the class teaching so can use it in revision where the teacher is absent.As the system idea is fresh new, we do not expect competition in the recent time. But with the potential of the entrepreneurship we expect we will lead the market.


Competitive factors:

The most considerable competitive factors of system would be unique, price, usability and interactivity . Regarding to the current market, the concept and ability of active class room system,  as an  innovative technology  is unique. Multi location team and its flexibility  make  our  price meet all customer financial condition. The system, passed long period testing process successfully. The user experience feedbacks  proved  the usability and interaction design well.



To develop a computer system which assisting student and applicant to pass all barriers to attend a class and enhancing the learning process by computer based interaction. Our mission is shifting to modern effective education era by assisting communication and information technology.

Keys to Success

  1. Customer demand is there: entire educational institutes looking to improving their services by latest state    the art methods, technology. Also there is a huge demand in market for far distance learning programs. Active class room system is a reliable response to these demands.
  2. The product is well designed: the pure idea of ACS coming from an inspiration to how can mix virtual class and traditional one. The orientation of design has based on this fact.
  3. A cost analysis proves profitability: academic institutes by installing ACS can gain advantages in compared with others as a result of this fact institute Revenue would increase.

 Benefits of Active Classroom system

Active class for serving and fulfilling the Modern concept of education

  1. Making a useful tool for the students.


  1. Archiving school teaching visually.


  • Classes will captured and saved, so all the student can download it online or copy it into digital media within the school.


  1. For younger students , parents can follow the teacher method of teaching


  1. Absent student can follow his classroom teachings remotely


  1. Absent student can interact with teacher like attendees.


  • Remote supervision by authorities or schools administration


  • The system can play a role when the teacher is absent


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